IMG_0804232 W. Lake St. Addison:
Laundromat Open 6 am. Last wash 10 pm

Largest machines in town with Extremely HOT hot water.
Large aisles with plenty of room,
Almost 100 machines. 6 different size washers for any size laundry you have (top load, & front load 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 pound washers) and plenty of triple sized dryers and larger dryers. Our Extra Extra Large (80#) Washers fits 8 loads at once and are great for comforters, sports team uniforms, furniture pads, or drop cloths.
Plenty of folding tables and chairs, with extra wide aisles, so no crowding, Lots of room in the store.
You can use our laundry carts outside to your car, so you don’t have to carry your laundry & the power doors open for easy entering
Free Kiddie school bus ride for little kids
This store has ONE dollar coins so its easier for you to start the machines.
We have TV’s and radio on while doing your wash, with couches to sit on, for your comfort. The Laundromat has vending machines for soaps, snacks and drinks. We also have a massage chair.
Weekday Early bird washer specials

The BEST Drop-Off Service at a great price
We wash, dry, fold and put shirts & pants on hangers for you, at no extra cost
Drop off prices are $1.25 per pound with a 12 pound minimum.
Comforters are $12-$19 twin – king.
Pick Up & Delivery of Drop-Off service available
Commercial accounts with more quantity will have much better pricing.